Mrs.Check is the mother of Jennifer Check and is a minor character in Jennifer's Body. She is portrayed by actress Carrie Genzel.
Fhd009JNB Carrie Genzel 002

Mrs.Check (Jennifer's mother)

Jennifer's BodyEdit

Needy goes to Jennifer's home, crashes through the window and fights her with a boxcutter. Culminating with a stab to the heart, Needy finally destroys the demon and kills Jennifer. Jennifer's mother comes in and finds Needy with the utility knife on top of her daughter's body. Soon after, Needy is brought to an asylum.


  • "Jennifer, what is it, baby?"
  • "Needy? What are you doing here?"
  • "Oh, my God."
  • "Oh, my poor baby."


  • Mrs. Check is one of few characters that are mothers in Jennifer's Body.
  • Mrs. Check was unaware that her daughter was a Succubus.


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