Colin Gray
Name Colin Grey
Status Deceased
Classification Human
Affiliation His clique
Portrayed by  Kyle Gallner

Colin Gray (played by Kyle Gallner) was a gothic teenager who attended Jennifer Check and Needy's high school. He became Jennifer's third victim after asking her out on a date, arriving at the address of the empty house she'd texted, being seduced and devoured.

Appearance and MannerEdit

Colin may come across as an unividing induvidual but in all actually he is very kind, shy and one of the nicest guys in the school he however apears to be rather nervous around girls, such as when talking to Needy or Jen he apears to hold his hands in a nervous manner. Colin apears as the emo/goth guy of the school he has jet black hair and wears black eye makeup and a variety of gothic/punk style clothes and, interestingly, a rosary though it is unknown if he is religous or not.

Jen and colin

Jennifer and Colin on their "date" before his death.